Camp Details

Q. When is Camp Helaman Seattle?

A. July 1-4, 2020

Q. Where is Camp Helaman Seattle?

A. Ensign Ranch (website), located at: 3551 Hundley Rd, Cle Elum, WA 98922

Q. Who is invited to Camp Helaman Seattle?

A. Young men ages 15 (turning 16 in 2020) through 19 who live in the greater Seattle area between south Hill Puyallup and Seattle (specifically the following stakes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Auburn, Enumclaw, Federal Way, Kent, Maple Valley, Renton, Seattle, & South Hill).

Q. What should I bring to Camp Helaman Seattle?

A. You can find a packing list of things to bring and things not to bring on the Documents page HERE.

Q. Who is responsible for transportation to/from camp?

A. Transportation to/from camp is not provided by Camp Helaman Seattle. Campers are encouraged to coordinate carpooling, particularly with others from their ward and stake. Note: young men attending camp are not allowed to drive any vehicles while at camp, even if it is their own vehicle they brought with them to camp.

Q. Are there any rules for attending camp?

A. Camp rules can be found on the Documents page HERE.

Basic Terms

Q. Who is Helaman?

A. Helaman was a prophet and Nephite military leader from the Book of Mormon, living during a period of intense and prolonged war between the Nephites, a peaceful and righteous nation, and the Lamanites, an invading and bloodthirsty nation. At a pivotal time in the war when the Nephites were losing ground, a small band of two thousand young men volunteered to take up arms in defense of their homes, families, and freedom, and asked that Helaman lead them. This small band of young men, scripturally referred to as stripling warriors or the sons of Helaman, tipped the scale in critical battles and played a key role in turning the tide of war. Miraculously, at a time of great bloodshed among both sides, not a single one of Helaman’s band lost his life in the war—even in battles so intense all were left wounded. Their faith, bravery, integrity, and diligence are prime examples of priesthood duty, service, and leadership, and we seek to honor and emulate them through this camp. Click HERE for more information about Helaman. Click HERE for more information about the stripling warriors.

Q. What is the Priesthood?

A. Priesthood is the power and authority that God gives to man to act in all things necessary for the salvation of God’s children. Click HERE for more information about Priesthood.

Q. What is a Priest?

A. A Priest is an office of the Priesthood. A worthy young man may be ordained a priest when he is 15 years of age (turning 16) or older. Newly baptized adult men are also normally ordained priests shortly following their baptism. Some of a priest’s responsibilities are to administer or bless the sacrament and to preach the gospel to the members. Click HERE for more information.

Q. What is a ward and stake?

A. A ward is a congregation of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, organized into various classes, quorums, and organizations, all under the direction of a bishopric and ward council. The boundaries of a ward are set geographically for the convenience and fellowship of the members. A stake is a grouping of several adjoining wards under the direction of a stake presidency and high council. Click HERE for more information about stakes.

Who Can Go to Camp Helaman

Q. Can I attend Camp Helaman even if I am not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

A. Yes, as long as you are a young man between 15 (turning 16 in 2020) and 19 and agree to abide by the camp rules (found HERE).

Q. Can I attend Camp Helaman even if I do not have the Priesthood or am not an ordained Priest?

A. Yes, as long as you are a young man between 15 (turning 16) and 19 and agree to abide by the camp rules (found HERE).

Q. If I have a food allergy, can I still attend Camp Helaman?

A. Yes, just please describe your food allergy in detail in the appropriate section of the registration form so dietary accommodations can be made. The support staff responsible for the food will also reach out to you before camp to review and verify the dietary accommodation plan with you and/or your parent/legal guardian.

Q. If I have a health condition that requires medication and/or special accommodation, can I still attend Camp Helaman?

A. Yes, just please describe your health condition and medication/accommodation needs in detail in the appropriate section of the registration form. The medical support staff may reach out to you and/or your parent/legal guardian before camp to verify details and plans. If you have any additional or special concerns, feel free to reach out to and we can put you in touch with the medical support staff even before you have registered.

Q. If I am 19 years-old and graduated from high school, can I still attend Camp Helaman?

A. Yes, as long as you agree to abide by the camp rules (found HERE).

Q. Are adults invited to attend Camp Helaman?

A. In addition to the Camp Directors supporting the Ozone Presidency, a small group of adults will attend camp in support roles responsible for food, medical, audio/visual, safety, and certain specific activities. Various priesthood leaders are also invited to attend certain portions of camp to provide trainings to or council with the young men. All other adults, including parents, are welcome to attend just the final testimony meeting on Saturday morning.

How Camp Helaman is Organized

Q. How is Camp Helaman organized?

A. Camp Helaman is planned and executed by the young men. This is a distinguishing feature and a critical component of its success.  The camp organization is similar to that of a mission with a Camp Presidency (also known as the “Ozone”), Zone Leaders, and District Leaders. These leaders are all young men called and set apart under the direction of their stake presidencies. Supported by the Camp Directors and an adult support committee, they are responsible to conduct and manage all the affairs of the camp.

Q. Who is in charge of and at Camp Helaman?

A. The Ozone Presidency is in charge of Camp Helaman, with support from a small group of adults.

Q. How many young men attend Camp Helaman Seattle?

A. It is expected that between 225 and 250 young men will attend Camp Helaman Seattle in 2020.

Paying for Camp Helaman

Q. How much does Camp Helaman Seattle cost?

A. The cost is approximately $125 per camper. How much of that cost will be covered by local wards and stakes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be determined by local church leadership (bishops and stake presidents), so be sure to check with them on that. Any of the cost that is the responsibility of the camp/family should be made through a donation to your ward bishopric (writing “Camp Helaman” in the Other field on the donation slip). Hardships in making payment should be discussed with the local ward bishop.

Q. When are payments due?

A. Payments to Camp Helaman will be made by local wards and stakes (see the above answer for what your individual payment responsibility may be). These stakes will be invoiced a partial payment of $75 per young man based on the estimated attendance from that stake, due by March 31. A second invoice will be sent to each participating stake based on registered attendance for the balance of $50 per camper, due June 1. A third invoice may be sent to the participating stakes after camp to account for walk-ups.

Q. Is the registration fee refundable if I cannot attend camp?

A. Registration fees are generally not refundable due to the need to cover expenditures in preparation for the number of expected participants prior to the camp. The fee, however, may be transferred to a young man who had not previously registered since there would not be a change in the headcount.  Hardships in making payment should be discussed with the local ward bishop.

Any Other Questions

For any other questions, please contact