What is Camp Helaman?

Camp Helaman is a Priesthood Leadership Conference for priest age young men, turning 16 to 19 years old.  It is designed to be conducted in a camp setting to remove the distractions of the world and to facilitate a renewal of faith and purpose.

What is the purpose of Camp Helaman?

The participants in Camp Helaman will have the opportunity to strengthen their testimony of Jesus Christ, perform priesthood service in meaningful ways, build on their spiritual and moral footings through competitive, fun and edifying activities and nurture the desire to serve the Lord as missionaries and beyond. It will also give young men real life experience executing the principles of effective priesthood leadership.

Who presides at Camp Helaman?

President Todd Keeney, stake president of the Federal Way, WA stake, has received the assignment preside over the Federal Way session of Camp Helaman. As the agent stake president, he has called a Camp Director and assistants with the primary mission to (i) train and mentor a camp presidency in priesthood leadership principles, (ii) assist the presidency in planning and organizing the camp and (iii) work with a support committee of adults from each participating stake to provide the needed logistical and program support. The camp presidency and other camp leaders are young men that are called and set apart under the direction of their stake presidents.

How is Camp Helaman organized?

Camp Helaman is planned and executed by the young men. This is a distinguishing feature and a critical component of its success.  The camp organization is similar to that of a mission with a Camp Presidency, also known as the “Ozone”, Zone Leaders, and District Leaders. These leaders are called and set apart under the direction of their stake presidencies. Supported by an adult support committee, they are responsible to conduct and manage all the affairs of the camp.

What takes place during Camp Helaman?

Camp Helaman includes team and individual competitions, experiential learning activities, service opportunities, music, great food, “TAPP” sessions with priesthood leaders from the stake, mission and temple presidencies and General and Area Authorities and fun. From these experiences, participants grow in faith, create lasting friendships and develop priesthood leadership skills that they can use to strengthen their priest quorums and families and strengthen their personal foundation of righteous priesthood leadership.

What is the role of ward and stake young men presidencies and advisors? 

The adult support committee members from each stake will coordinate any needed adult assistance or other resources.  The ward YM advisors may assist the young men in their preparation and encourage them to attend.  Stake presidencies and bishops are always welcome at camp. Others may attend as invited to assist with specific activities.  There is time allotted on Friday evening for bishops, accompanied by their YM presidents, to meet with their priest quorums.

When and where is Camp Helaman?

The Federal Way session of Camp Helaman 2022 will be held June 22-25 at Zion’s Camp near Belfair, WA.  Zone leaders and district leaders will arrive on Tues, June 22nd.

How many stakes attend Camp Helaman?

The camp is designed to accommodate the stakes comprising the Federal Way coordinating council of the church. As of this writing, this session of Camp Helaman consists of the following seven stakes:  Enumclaw, Federal Way,  Kent, Maple Valley, and Seattle.

How many young men attend Camp Helaman?

All Priest age young men are invited to attend.  The expected attendance is 150+ young men.

Are those who are not members of the Church welcome to attend?

Yes, non-members of the same age group are invited and encouraged to attend.

Are parents invited to attend?

Parents are invited to attend camp on Saturday morning for the concluding testimony meeting.

I am 19 and graduated from high school, can I still attend?


How do I register for Camp Helaman?

Registration may be completed online at camphelamanseattle.com.  To enable proper planning, registration should be completed by the first week of April.  Registration forms may also be completed manually through your stake adult support committee representative.

How much does camp cost and how do I pay for it?

The cost for camp is $150 per young man.  Payment can be made through your home ward donation envelope.  Write “Camp Helaman” in the “Other” field on the donation slip and then give it to a member of your bishopric.  Church participation in covering the cost of the camp is at the determination of the individual wards and stakes. Check with your bishopric on the participation cost of the camp for your ward/stake.

When are payments due?

All individual payments are to be made through the young man’s ward donation process.  Participating stakes will be invoiced a partial payment of $100 per young man based on the estimated attendance from that stake, due by March 31.  A second invoice will be sent to each participating stake based on registered attendance for the balance of $50 per camper, due June 1st.  A third invoice may be sent to the participating stakes after camp to account for walk-ons.

Is the registration fee refundable if I cannot attend?

Registration fees are generally not refundable due to the need to cover expenditures in preparation for the number of expected participants prior to the camp. The fee however may be transferred to a young man who had not previously registered since there would not be a change in the headcount.  Hardships in making payment should be discussed with one’s bishop.

What should I bring to camp?

There is an equipment list on the camphelamanseattle.com website.  Please do not bring those items noted on the list that will not be allowed at camp.

Who is responsible for transportation?

Each stake and ward will coordinate transportation needs for the campers.

Do I need to bring a signed Medical Release form?

A signed medical release form is a requirement to attend camp.  The medical release form may be printed from the camphelamanseattle.com website.

How do I notify the camp cook that I have a food allergy?

Complete the food allergy section during the online registration.  A follow up contact will be made to ensure full understanding and preparation for the specific needs of the affected individuals. It should also be discussed with the camp dietary foods specialist when the camper arrives at camp. Parental concerns may also be addressed directly to one of the camp directors at the contact information listed on this web site.

How do I notify the camp medical staff that I have a condition that requires medication?

Complete the medical section during the online registration.  It will need to be discussed with the medic upon arrival at camp.  Parental concerns may also be addressed directly to one of the camp directors at the contact information listed on this web site.

Who can I contact for additional information?

Each stake has two adults that are members of the Support Committee.  These brethren should be consulted first with any questions or concerns.  They may direct you to the camp directors if needed.  Contact information is listed in the Contacts section of the camphelamanseattle.com website